Simple Alerts

Provide contextual feedback messages for typical user actions with the handful of available and flexible alert messages. We provide two alerts style for you to choice by switching class .toast-shadow and .toast. Wrap any text and an optional dismiss button in .toast and one of the four contextual classes (e.g., .toast-info) for basic alert messages.


Click the button below you will see the notification display from four direction on the screen.

Just Text Notifacations

This notification was just texts included, use the class.


Close Button Notifacations

You can close this notification with clicking close icon.


Progress Notifications

Visually indicate how long before a toast expires.

Progress Bar

Delay And Sticky

You can define via timeout for what amount of time in milliseconds a message is visible. You can also create a sticky message by setting the timeout to zero.


Use the jQuery show/hide method of your choice. These default to fadeIn/fadeOut. The methods fadeIn/fadeOut, slideDown/slideUp, and show/hide are built into jQuery.